AIR JET THERAPY for New Client

AIR JET THERAPY for New Client

Duration: 75 Mins / Usual Price at RM400

1st Time Customers  RM138

A New concept of non-invasive “Spraying Cosmetics” technique with highly active solutions for penetration into the skin improving skin cell quality through air massage technique. Improves lymph and blood circulation and has a firming effect. Ideal for those with sensitive skin and those who are not suitable for treatment with electrical devices.   

1. ENHANCES PENETRATION: “AIR-GUN” machine changes high active ampoule to micro-atomized molecule and penetrate to the skin deeply.

2. ENHANCES EFFICIENCY : Incorporating pharmaceutical grade ampoules, AIR-GUN

enhances penetration safely and yet efficiently.

3. CLEANSING: “AIR-GUN” cleanses the skin surface and protect the skin from impurities.

4. SKIN MASSAGE: ”AIR-GUN” offers a form of massage by using air pressure to improve

blood circulation and lymph flow.

5. HYGIENIC: Our hands are exposed to bacteria, can cause many skin problems,

this machine helps to infuse treatment into the skin with sanitary effect.

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